SEMPRE & ICMPC12 Young Researcher Award

The SEMPRE & ICMPC12 Young Researcher Award (YRA) is awarded to young researchers that submit a high quality research paper and demonstrate the potential to be a leading researcher in the field of Music Perception and Cognition.

This year’s Young Researcher Award selection committee, consisting of Graham Welch (chair of SEMPRE), Reinhard Kopiez (president of ESCOM), and Kate Stevens (member of the ICMPC -­ ESCOM12 Scientific Advisory board), examined carefully all shortlisted applications, and decided this year's YRA prize to be shared by the following two researchers:

  • Birgitta Burger: Emotions move us: Basic emotions in music influence people's movement to music
  • Chia -­ Jung Tsay: The Impact of Visual Cues on the Judgment and Perceptions of Music Performance

The selection process consisted of the following steps: Initially, eleven submissions were shortlisted based on the review ratings of the submitted abstract. Then, the authors of these eleven abstracts submitted full papers, which were additionally reviewed by at least two reviewers from the Scientific Advisory board. Finally, the YRA selection committee examined carefully these eleven submissions in terms of their overall quality and originality (taking into account the additional reviews), and, in terms of meeting all the criteria described on the conference webpage, delivered their final decision.

Apart from receiving a money prize (1000$ each), the two YRA winners will present their work in special plenary sessions on Wednesday and Friday morning. The YRA selection committee, SEMPRE, the conference organising committee and all participants, would like to congratulate whole-­‐heartedly the two winners for their success.

SEMPRE Attendance Bursaries

The Attendance Bursaries are awarded by SEMPRE to assist financially ICMPC participants on the basis of merit and need. This year, a total of 10000 US dollars (from 100$ to 750$) has been awarded to the following participants: Amos David Boasson, Blanka Bogunović, Daniel Cameron, Elisa Carrus, Song Hui Chon, Emily B.J. Coffey, Cara Featherstone, Georgia-­‐Aristi Floridou, Benjamin Gold, Andrew Goldman, Meghan Goodchild, Shantala Hegde, Sibylle C. Herholz, Christos Ioannou, Jenny Judge, Sarah Knight, Amanda Krause, Carlotta Lega, Samuel A. Mehr, Alisun Pawley, Crystal Peebles, Rachna Raman, Sundeep Teki, Michael Wammes, Dustin Wang, Michael W. Weiss.